About RECELL® System | Cutting-Edge Thermal Burn Healing Technology

About RECELL® System

RECELL: Cutting-Edge Technology to Advance Patient Care

Caring for your patients means more than closing the wound. With RECELL, you can expedite the healing process with early treatment of small and large thermal burn wounds and help provide the best possible outcomes for your patients.

When compared to the standard of care, RECELL benefits include:

  • Significantly less donor skin required1
  • Fewer procedures for definitive closure1,2,3
  • Shorter length of hospital stay for small deep partial-thickness and full-thickness burns3,4,5
  • Reduced scarring and pain at the donor site6

Keratinocytes regenerate the epidermis.7,8


Dermal fibroblasts deposit new extracellular matrix proteins.7,8


Melanocytes produce melanin to allow restoration of natural pigmentation.7,8

With RECELL, you can put your patients on a path to definitive closure through early treatment at a cellular level with fewer procedures,1,2,3 significantly less donor skin requirements,1 and reduced pain and scarring at the donor site6 versus standard of care.

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