Clinical Evidence | RECELL® System

Clinical Evidence

Clinically Proven for Definitive Closure and Favorable Donor Site Outcomes

A robust body of clinical evidence, including two multi-center, randomized, controlled clinical trials and more than 50 peer-reviewed publications, demonstrates that RECELL® is designed to achieve favorable outcomes. Among the benefits versus standard of care are: reduced donor skin requirements,1 earlier and superior donor site healing,2 less pain and scarring at the donor site,2 reduced length of hospital stay for small deep partial-thickness and full-thickness burns,3,4,5 and fewer surgical procedures for definitive closure.1,3,6
Below are the results of two multi-center, randomized, controlled clinical trials of 131 total patients with deep partial-thickness to full-thickness burns.2,7

Significantly less donor skin required1

RECELL®: Donor Skin Requirement

Earlier and superior donor site healing vs STSG donor site2

Healing 1 week after treatment
Healing 2 weeks after treatment

Reduce pain and scarring at the donor site with RECELL vs SOC at all time points2

Donor Site Patient-Reported Pain VAS Ratings
Donor Site Physician-Reported VVS Ratings

Comparable incidence of definitive wound closure in mixed-depth burns (inclusive of FT) with RECELL vs control7

Comparable Incidence of Definitive Wound Closure in Mixed-depth Burns (Inclusive of FT) With Recell Vs. Control

Fewer autografting procedures required for definitive closure vs conventional autograft1,3,6

Fewer Autografting Procedures Required for Definitive Closure Vs Conventional Autograft
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