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RECELL® Cost Savings

Proven Institutional Cost Savings1

The clinical benefits of using RECELL translate into measurable cost savings for hospitals.1 With innovative Spray-On Skin™ Cells that can be administered in a single procedure at the point-of-care, RECELL can be used for early treatment to expedite the healing process for definitive wound closure and is designed for positive patient outcomes.
30% cost savings for definitive closure
35% Reduction in surgical procedures
30% Reduction in LOS for small DPT & FT burns

Burn Center Budget Impact With RECELL

The economic impact of using RECELL to reduce the financial burden of burn treatment has been validated in a peer-reviewed study utilizing a health economic modeling approach. Key findings from the study of 200 acute thermal burn patients showed 7 times the overall cost savings for every dollar spent on RECELL.1

Explore key findings from the study: Cost-Effectiveness of the Use of Autologous Cell Harvesting Device Compared to Standard of Care for Treatment of Severe Burns in the United States.

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