Treating with RECELL® | RECELL® System

Treating With RECELL®

RECELL System Supports Workflow Efficiencies to Help You Provide Patient Care1
RECELL has been redesigned for ease of use to help you and your team support workflow efficiency1,2 and provide patient care. RECELL provides the advantages of point-of-care regenerative therapy for both deep partial-thickness and full-thickness burns in a single procedure.1
Step 1 - Taking a Small Piece of Healthy Skin

Take a small piece of healthy skin

Step 2 - Use RECELL Device

In the RECELL Device, cells will be separated from one another to form a liquid spray1

Step 3 - Liquid Sprayed - Meshed Skin Graft3

The liquid is then sprayed onto the burn wound or on top of a meshed skin graft1

Patients treated with RECELL Spray-On Skin™ Cells versus standard of care for small deep partial-thickness and full-thickness burns experience shorter lengths of hospital stay1,3,4 to help allow a faster return home4 so they can potentially get back to work, school, and activities sooner.

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